Fix for Renault Carminat Bluetooth issue with Samsung phones

This has been killing me for over a year now : My Renault Laguna built in Carminat Radio is extremely picky on how and when it will connect with my Samsung S3. If my wife jumps into my car with here iPhone (streaming music over wifi to the AirPort Express when she was inside)  the Carminat will happily connect and continue the same song automatically it was playing inside (under while the iPhone switched from wifi to 3G).


If I accidentally forget to enable bluetooth on the S3 before booting the car the Carminat will keep “searching” for my phone. If I then enable bluetooth the Carminat will go searching for “nomadic devices”(whatever that may be).  At this point the whole bluetooth configuration menu gets locked, and I have to accept that this ride will be “handsfree” free.

I came across a tip that fixes the issue: “Bluetooth Phonebook” from somehow modifies bluetooth communication setup in such a way that the described issues disappear. I bought the app for $1,50 and lo and behold! It works.

I can now start the car, take my phone, enable bluetooth, and a playing song will continue, but now from the car speakers. I still don’t get the title of the current song on my radio, but the iPhone also doesn’t master this technological challenge.

One happy camper!

And Renault, you really really need to start supporting the largest phone maker in the world!

Android Bluetooth Renault




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