World Energy Outlook 2013 – What it doesn’t say

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Over Lars Boelen

I have a privately held company in sustainability advice. I specialise in transforming houses from gas-heated to using sustainable sources.
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10 reacties op World Energy Outlook 2013 – What it doesn’t say

  1. mt zegt:

    Well done! Reposted at

    Carbon negative, anyone?

    • Lars Boelen zegt:

      Thanks for helping spread the idea that it is US, the richest (in money and energy) people ever to walk the face of the earth, to clean up the mess we created. It’s gonna hurt, but we have to, for the benefit of our kids,

  2. We’re so grateful to you for creating this chart. It makes things comprehensible and very personal.

    • Lars Boelen zegt:

      Hi Gabriole,

      Thank you! I am glad that I can do little things like this to support the good cause!
      It is my hope that grass roots organizations like the one you work for will succeed in making this world a better place.


  3. David Hawkins zegt:

    A brilliant graphic. Thanks.
    As the IEA report also estimates, by 2022 the emission sources then in operation will consume all of the remaining budget (unless they are retired early or their carbon is captured).
    David Hawkins

    • Lars Boelen zegt:

      Yes David,

      I’m aware of that, the graph was made to mimic IEA’s graph and show what is actually going on in their data. I think that we have a zero chance of even getting close to their highly optimistic view. Just look at Japan and Poland this week who basically say “scr€w it, we’re only living once, we’ll eat the whole pie now”

      Thanks for your input!


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  7. Jason zegt:

    HEMP! Carbon Negative and has over 50,000 uses!

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